Saturday, April 13, 2024

Axel Brizzy Ushers in 2024 with Statement Track ‘MAJOR’ Following Year of Milestones

Axel Brizzy Ushers in 2024 with Statement Track ‘MAJOR’ Following Year of Milestones

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A testament that he was here to stay, Axel Brizzy’s statement track ‘MAJOR’ kicked off 2024 on a powerful note. Released on Friday, 5 January 2024, the self-produced track further solidified his legacy – coming off the high of a slew of significant performances and achievements over the past year.

With convicted and empowering lyrics, the Singaporean rapper recognized the milestones he had hit while acknowledging the work that he had yet to complete. He also shook off the detractors and placed the focus on the circle of people who had supported him through this journey thus far.

Sonically, Axel Brizzy enlisted the help of fellow producer-rapper Khalif Rawi for his Trap and Drill sensibilities, adding another dimension to the already blood-pumping beat. In fact, ‘MAJOR’ underwent an extensive overhaul to get to where it was on that day.

Sharing that he had initially written the lyrics to a completely different beat several years ago, Axel Brizzy pointed out that revisiting it was purely by chance.

“I realized that I still feel connected to it, even after so long. But, I did away with the old beat as it wasn’t a good representation of my current sound and decided to do up a beat of my own,” he said.

“Eventually, I rewrote certain lines to make it more present, and here we are – after many years of collecting dust in the vault, the new and improved ‘MAJOR’ is out for everyone to behold.”

In addition, the official music video for ‘MAJOR’ dropped on Wednesday, 10 January 2023, via Axel Brizzy’s YouTube channel.

Axel Brizzy’s new single, ‘MAJOR’, was available on all major streaming platforms from Friday, 5 January 2024. You can find him on social media via @axelbrizzy.